Our proposal has been adopted by MAFF

We are pleased to inform you that our proposal has been adopted by the “Strategic Supply Chain Creation Project for Overseas” under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

This project is based on the Japanese national strategy for expanding exports of agriculture, forestry and fishery products and foods. The project aims to building supply chains such as logistics and commercial distribution to respond to changes in overseas markets and upcoming needs, and expanding exports into promising countries.

Japonte Ltd. co-operates the “Export Promotion Consortium for European Supermarkets” together with an international general logistics company, in order to create of a new BtoC supply chain for food products made in Japan with major supermarket chains in France and Germany as consumers’ touchpoints.

Cooperation with local partners in France and Germany is essential to carry out promotional activities, air and sea transportation demonstrations, advertising activities at trial stores, product package design, sampling, etc.

We continue our efforts to create wider opportunities for many European consumers to enjoy Japanese local products.

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