2 types of “shincha” the newly picked tea On Sales!

We release “shincha” (the newly picked tea) of 2021, “Saemidori Tama Ryokucha” and “Ureshino Kamairicha”. We have prepared two kinds of “shincha” this year.

“Saedori Tama Ryokucha” is a product finished by steaming a rare cultivar “Samidori”. It has an elegant aroma and plenty of umami. You can maximize the sweetness by brewing slowly in low temperature water of about 60 ℃ for 90 seconds.

“Ureshino Kamairicha” is a product made by traditional direct roasting of Ureshino’s native cultivar. You can enjoy clear golden tea with a refreshing aroma and fruity sweetness. Try brewing this in hot water at about 90 ℃ for 60 seconds. You may feel nostalgic.

As a tea farmer who has continued for over 100 years, Ota family realize the sustainable tea farm by using natural mountain area in altitude of 100-500 meters above sea level, inherited from their ancient. Please relish the “shincha” that is full of Ota family’s spirit, who commits to the agrochemicals-free tea cultivation in the land of Ureshino. It will calm both your mind and body.



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