Natural Capital Management

Japonte will incorporate the concept of ​​natural capital management, and will act and continue as a small enterprise.

It’s a very important not only for international society, nations and multinational enterprises, but also for citizens, to understand that the natural capital on the earth is finite. So we need to sustainably and efficiently utilize it. Japonte will cooperate with food producers and partners to propose what we can do in our daily eating habits.

Today, I participated in a symposium on biodiversity collaboration in the field of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, co-organized by the MAFF, Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo and Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting. It is important to create magnificent guidelines led by the international society and nations, however more important thing is that each and every citizens take small actions proactively and continuously at home and community. Cooperation in rural and urban areas is also one of key points.

Transforming Our World
No one will be left behind

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