Online shop pre-opening!

We are pleased to inform you that Japonte has pre-opened a new online shop of Washoku ingredients, “Japonte Shop”. We would highly appreciate it if you could see the shop and share it to your friends.

Features of “Japonte Shop” are;

1. English-Japanese Washoku ingredient catalog
• Support people including non-Japanese to purchase essential Washoku ingredients along with simple descriptions (production information, cooking method, nutrition information, combination proposal etc.)

2. Visible producers
• Support customers to know about producers, production area and process

3. Contributing to sustainability
• Share opportunities to think about health of the earth together, while caring the natural resources through the food value-chain from production to consumption

After the pre-open period, we plan to have the grand opening mid of May.
Even after, we will continue to expand the range of attractive products and services.

Japonte Shop
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