The first picked tea of this season!

The new tea season is about to begin.
This year seems to be faster growing of tea leaves than usual, and in Ureshino, Saga prefecture, the first picking of a variety of “Sae-midori” began today. “Sae-midori” is characterized as its name, a clear vivid green in tea liquid color, an elegant scent, less astringent and rich umami. Although limited in quantity, it is scheduled to arrive around the middle of May. Why do not you taste the refreshingness of the first picked tea of this season? We will update you when it’s ready.

Nutrition Tips
It is known that one kind of flavonoid called quercetin is contained 2.5 times more in “Sae-midori” than a major variety “Yabukita”. Quercetin has been reported to have various physiological functions such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antihypertensive effects in addition to the effect of improving vascular endothelial function to protect blood vessels.

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